The executive search process and approach

Each executive search assignment at PHCC is individually prepared, planned and executed by a senior member of our team to match our client’s requirements. Our executive search services are deemed exclusive and therefore PHCC will participate in the entire process including advertising, response handling, shortlisting, interviewing, selection, salary negotiation, contract drafting and signing and final placement. There are six phases to our process:


  • Review of the position

    This phase includes a critical dimension in assessing exactly what our client really needs by means of a comprehensive briefing.

  • Advertising and response handling

    This stage of the process will assist PHCC to draft the ideal job advert and media to ensure we attract the right candidates. All costs related to advertising of this position will be to the account of the client

  • Search process, shortlisting and submission

    The third phase relates to in-depth research to identify, source and screen potential appointees.

  • Interview and finalization process

    The fourth phase includes the client interview process and response evaluation, followed by the identification of key negotiating factors and presentation of a formal offer, culminating in the appointment being concluded

  • Candidates assessments, qualification and employment validation and credit checks

    PHCC recommends that all candidates in the final shortlist will undergo further assessments including personal profiling, qualification and employment verification including credit and criminal checks. This will aid the client in selecting the most appropriate candidate

  • Offer and closure

    Once the ideal candidate has been identified, PHCC together with client will negotiate the appropriate conditions of employment and remuneration package which, if accepted, will culminate into an offer in writing and will be signed by both parties.

    PHCC will also ensure that all the shortlisted candidates will received appropriate communication throughout the process to ensure integrity and transparency of the process.


  • Flexi or Temporary Staffing

    PHCC provides flexi staffing in all the countries in operates and we continue to evolve our offerings in line with international trends and local business demands. By utilising PHCC’s flexible staffing solution, you pay for productive time only. At PHCC we have a huge supply of pre-screened talent from our database, enabling us to deploy temps for long and short term assignments across many disciplines and departments allowing our clients to align staffing profiles with shifts in demand and changes in the business cycle

  • Contact Centres

    PHCC is well experienced in Contact Centre staffing for local and offshore business. We have a networked talent database that includes Contact Centre candidates from entry-level to management across multiple industry sectors.

  • Outsourced and Managed Staffing

    Outsourcing has become the way of the future. The idea is to retain only a considerable percentage of permanent staff. With a tailored staffing analysis, PHCC will cater for the right solution to your needs. Whether you need one or one hundred temps, PHCC Outsourced Staffing Solutions will ensure the right size or skilled staff – AT THE RIGHT TIME! The inclusion of a Managed Staffing Solutions enables PHCC to take total responsibility for the entire staffing function – not simply the staffing aspect, but also the HR and IR responsibility. This solution can be implemented either on-site or off-site.

  • Bulk Recruitment

    For all your bulk recruitment needs call on PHCC and we will deliver the Right People at the right time.