Our approach

Our approach has the following guiding principles; total client involvement by involving the client in the project planning and agree upon timing of the milestones, feedback procedures and the appointment of a project champion who becomes the contact point with PHCC.

PHCC will undertake a study to understand our clients’ currently status quo including and not limited to:

  • Compensation and benefits philosophy and practice
  • Skills and qualifications audit, job titles, job families, etc
  • Employee Assistance Programme (discrimination, harassment, safety, other)
  • Hiring statistics (acceptance rate, hiring rate, hiring projections)
  • Human Resources budget and expenditures (salaries, allowances, benefits, medical aid – total cost to employer, etc)
  • Recruitment and selection practices
  • Job descriptions, contracts, appointment letters, employee file management
  • Succession planning - promotion, advancement practices and trends
  • Talent management (staff development)
  • Employee morale inventory
  • Termination policy
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Employment equity practice
  • Turnover statistics

Our services include assisting our clients with employment contracts, remuneration information and structuring, referrals to legal services when required, etc.

Managers often have a need to use experienced HR practitioners such as Premier Human Capital Corporation to bounce ideas off or act as a sounding board and they have always found a willing partner in us.