Our approach

At PHCC we take a systems perspective to organisational performance improvement i.e. we recognize that human performance in organisations is a product of a number of intricate variables such as selection methods, job competence, production technology, organisational culture and reward systems. We therefore strongly believe in investing our time and the resources of our clients in conducting a thorough investigation and analysis of the client and human resources performance to identify strengths and weaknesses before we recommend intervention(s).

We also take the view that consulting is a partnership between our clients and ourselves. We believe in “skills transfer” i.e. empowering our clients to identify and solve their problems. To this extent, we request the total support and active involvement of the clients throughout the consulting processes.

We are here to add value to our clients by helping them to make the best and timeous human resources and organisation performance decisions that translate into improved business competitiveness.

Our services

Our services cover the entire organisational development intervention spectrum with emphasis on the following: